In the beginning there was…nothing at all! A long, long time ago, there was no space, no matter, no radiation. In fact even time did not exist. There was only endless emptiness. So, what set off…life?

From the void, a small dot appeared. It was infinitely hot and infinitely dense. The energy dot became a fireball so great, that it started generating matter all by itself. As it did so, first the fireball began to expand and then it stared to cool. This event is called the Big Bang!

The Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago. And the universe? It is still expanding and may continue to expand forever. Listening to the song “Life”, you’ll learn more about what happened on Earth after the Big Bang.

An exciting era began 250 million years ago here on Earth. Giant dinosaurs roamed and ruled the earth for 170 million years. Listen to the song “Dinosalsa” and read the text about dinosaurs.