Almost 8 billion people live on our planet. Across our planet we humans are quite different from each other — but we are also so very similar! No matter where we live on this planet, family, relatives and friends, they’re all so very important to all of us. Similarly, for all children everywhere, it is important to play, to go to school and to learn new things.

Listen to the song “Children’s Rights”. You will you learn about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It is important to know and respect all our different cultures. Different countries have different customs, different foods are eaten and people live in houses that can look quite different.

In the video “Friends Around the Globe” you’ll meet children from every continent.

Listen to the song “They Changed the World” and watch the video. You’ll learn about amazing girl-heroes who have changed the world with their brave deeds. You can read more about these heroes in the accompanying texts!